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Montenegro, Herceg Novi

1.260.063 €
= 11.560 €/m2*

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  • reorderSize (gross): 109 m2
  • date_rangeYear of build: 2018
  • reorderConditions: New (building)
  • codeIdent: PS109115

Property features

    Detailed property description


    In Ribarski dok, located in Portonovi, we sell 2-room apartments of 109sqm - 115sqm.  At the Fisherman's Gat you can enjoy the top boutique and restaurant offer. Here, right next to the marina, there are most restaurants and entertainment venues. In this area there are recognizable restaurants with Montenegrin, Italian, Asian and international food. Each restaurant has its character and distinctive look, and the combination of all restaurants perfectly embodies the extremely recognizable design of Fisherman's Dock. Restaurant offerings complement the food and drink bars, as well as entertainment concepts such as Fashion cafe, cocktail bars, ice cream parlors, bars, kiosks and jewelery stores.

    Price: 1.260.063 € - 1.321.567 €

    For more information call +386 244 5002 or write to a.osmanovic@ljn.si

    Quick contact

    Predrag Todić

    Ljubljana nepremicnine

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