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Gorenjska, Škofja Loka

242.000 €
= 2.440 €/m2*

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  • reorderVelikost (bruto): 99.2 m2
  • date_rangeZgrajeno: 1511
  • date_rangeAdaptacija: 2021
  • codeŠifra: ENOTA-6

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In a prime location in the town centre of Škofja Loka, a renovated house of historical importance, located at 4 Mestnem trg Square. 

The four-room apartment consists of 114,9 m2 of living space, located on the 3rd floor of the building and the attic part of which is a spacious gallery, it also has a storage room of 3,2 m2. The apartment has an N-S orientation. The apartment is move-in ready. 

Room layout: 
The apartment is located in the attic part of the building with an additional gallery and the acquired space of two rooms and constitutes a spacious living and living area with kitchen, bathroom and spacious bedroom.
From the living and dining area, stairs lead up to the gallery floor where you can find two additional small children's rooms or a room to suit your needs.  

The commercial-residential building has a basement, ground floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, attic (K+P+1N+2N+M). In the basement there are storerooms, on the ground floor there is a cafe and a shop and a common entrance, from the first to the attic part there are apartments. 
The building is designed using high quality and durable modern materials. The main entrance to the building is on the ground floor on the S side of the building, where there is also a corridor with a staircase connecting all floors. The building is connected to the sewerage, water, electricity and telecommunications networks. 

The final flooring in the living rooms and bedrooms is oak parquet, in the bathrooms the final flooring and wall cladding is ceramic. 

The heating is eco-electric underfloor heating throughout, which means low costs. 

In front of the building is the mighty Homan lime tree, which used to be used for the castle ladies' dogs, but now offers a pleasant shade for guests who come to enjoy the homemade desserts. The manor house is home to a café with a tradition of more than 150 years.

The restoration of the exterior also revealed frescoes of a medieval soldier and St Christopher and other decorations dating from the 16th century. 

The advertised price already includes 9,5 % VAT. 

Please take the time to call us and we will arrange a free visit and possible purchase.

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