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Spodnjeposavska, Kostanjevica na Krki

120.000 €
= 120 €/m2*

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  • photo_size_select_largeParcela: 1000 m2

Podroben opis nepremičnine

Prodaja se zazidljivo ravno in komunalno opremljeno stavbno zemljišče velikosti 1000 m2. Nepremičnina je brez bremen.


  • Geodetsko poročilo
  • Poročilo o geološko-geomehanski sestavi tal
  • Lokacijska informacija
  • Potrdilo o nameski rabi zemljišča
  • IDZ

Komunalni prispevek plačan. Komunalna infrastruktura bo zgrajena v 2022/2023, gradbeno dovoljenje izdano junija, na podlagi katerega se lahko izda gradbeno dovoljenje za gradnjo hiše.

Parcela nima neposredne meje z nobenim sosedom.

Prodaja se izključno brez agencije.


Flat plot 1000m2 fully equipped & ready for your new home. Available immediately.


Municipality promo video: https://youtu.be/rGfRryb5jeA

The region of Dolenjska with its rolling hills and meandering river Krka created the most famous island in Slovenia. The town and municipality Kostanjevica na Krki benefits both from the hilly forest backdrop and green flats where fruits, vegetables and wetland forests abound.


Kostanjevica na Krki (pronounced [kɔˈstaːnjɛʋitsa na ˈkəɾki]) is a small town in the historic Lower Carniola region of southern Slovenia. Today it is part of the Lower Sava Statistical Region. It is located in the northern foothills of the Gorjanci Hills near the border with Croatia. The center of the settlement is on an island in the Krka River, and it is also promoted as the "Venice of Lower Carniola" in Slovenian. The town is protected as a cultural and historical monument. Kostanjevica is the oldest city of the region.

This picturesque location boasts accessibility to major highway, train and air routes to where ever you will travel for vacation or business.


  • Ljubljana: 1 hour | 100 kilometers

  • Zagreb: 1 hour | 60 kilometers

  • Trieste: 2 hours | 177 kilometers

  • Vienna: 4 hours | 371 kilometers

Your New Plot

The plot is a rectangular shape perfect to position 1 or 2 floor house with spacious car park and a garage, leaving you with ample garden space to let your imagination or a landscape designer create that lush green garden. And you will still have more than enough space to nest a natural swimming pool.

  • Purpose: private housing

  • Status: construction ready

  • No. of pieces: 2 plots

    • 1760/18 | ID7110128

    • 1448/14 | ID7110145

  • Elevation: 156,8 metres above sea

  • Terrain angle: 0º 

  • Length: 35 metres

  • Width: 29 metres

  • Surface area: 1000 m2

  • Geo location

    • 45°50’37.9"N

    • 15°24’56.6”E

  • Infrastructure:

    • Grocery, post office, coffee shops, restaurants 500 m

    • Farmacy 200 m

    • Bank 300 m

    • Electric Car Charging Station 200 m

    • Daycare and Primary school: 650 m

    • High School:

      • Brežice 20 km

      • Novo Mesto 25 km

House Idea

Ideas are not cheap and great ideas are not easy to come around.

But with the purchase of your new plot you will receive a formal Conceptual Design of the house that is best suited for this plot, size and orientation wise. The documentation is ready for official processes and obtaining quotes from house builders.

Several months of brainstorming with the architect on the floor designs, glass surfaces, views on your garden, summer and winter thermal management, and overall living functionality have resulted in a simple, yet connected family house that only waits for you to build it.

With sustainability and natural materials in mind this design and architecture is poised to be build using the construction technology of Cross Laminated Timber, heat pump, and solar panels, making your new home as independent from the global energy markets as possible.

Town & Municipality

Slovenia’s southeast doesn’t announce itself as loudly as other parts of the country, preferring subtle charms over big-ticket attractions. This is a region where life slows down considerably – all the better to enjoy meandering rivers and rolling hills covered with forest, orchards and grapevines. Here, villages cluster around church spires, and distinctive toplarji (double-linked hayracks) shelter neat woodpiles.

Low-key tourist attractions come in the shape of grand monasteries, restored castles and easygoing days out exploring local wine roads while enjoying countryside views. For more active ways to discover the region, head out on the back roads by bike, or explore the green-blue waters of the Kolpa or Krka Rivers by canoe, kayak or raft.

Infrastructure & Documentation

  • Location Information Certificate (area building conditions)

  • Certificate of Land Use

  • Geological & Geotechnical Soil Report Certificate

  • Geodetic Report Certificate

  • Paid fee for communal infrastructure (water, electricity, network, roads, pavements etc.). Infrastructure to be built in 2022 or 2023 - building permit issued in June 2022.

  • Property is free of any claims or loans.

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